Friday, June 13, 2008

Thing #3

Ok, that was difficult and confusing. I had to have 3 different windows open to help walk me through the process, and well lets face it, the directions are still not very clear. I had to spend a lot of time looking for the html/java script part and that took me close to 15-20 minutes. I think that I am spending alot more time on this then what is probably supposed to be, since I am not finding things quickly. Hopefully it gets easier from here on out.

Thing #2 part two

My weakest habit is Habit #6 Using technology to your advantage. I feel like I don't have the time to spend figuring out the technology to use it in everyday lessons or activities.

Thing #2 part one

I think that my strongest habit is Habit #3View problems as challenges. I will take a situation and see what I can do with it to benefit me or make me stronger.